About Us

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking a moment to read about Potion Vape.

Our goal is simple: to make the highest quality flavored e-liquid available on the market, while using the safest and highest quality ingredients.

We are a small company but we have the skills and determination to deliver.

Because we are a small business we can offer you the best customer service around. We listen and work hard to improve our juices and customer service every day.

In these trying times, running a company can be a daunting task.  Most new ventures die within the first year, not to mention rarely do they see their fifth year of business.  In order to survive you must possess something that is in high demand.  You also need strong people within your organization once growth takes hold.  And perhaps most of all, you must stay innovative and fresh. Our products must change and evolve, and they will.

Potion Vape has been at the forefront of producing and testing new flavors, and will continue to do so into the future.


Our lines of e-juice or e-liquid is made by us, in the U.S.A using natural, and preferably USDA certified organic sourced ingredients. Our juices can be described as naturally flavored and herb infused varieties of USP grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG); USP Propylene Glycol (BasicPotion Line Only) and nicotine mixes.

We do not use unsafe or untested artificial flavorings, artificial colorings or other harmful components. We also do not promote the use of nicotine as it is an addictive substance.

We offer an extensive line of organically and naturally flavored juices.



 As users of our own products we are very concerned with what goes in our e-liquids.

Many e-liquids today contain artificial flavors, artificial colorings, sweeteners and other chemicals. 

We do NOT want any of those in our food and certainly dont belong in our e-liquids.

We use only 4 ingredients in our e-liquids:


USP grade Organic Nicotine extract

USP grade Kosher certified Vegetable Glycerin and/or USP grade Kosher certified Propylene Glycol ( BasicPotion Line ONLY)

Distilled Water

Certified Organic Flavors or/and Natural Flavors


Some of our organic flavors come in an organic ethyl alcohol base while others natural flavors are CO2 or cold-pressed extracted.


Recognizing that more people have allergic reactions to Propylene Glycol we offer you the choice of using our OrganaTine line of juices that are 100% PG FREE.

Our OrganaTine Line of juices contain no Propylene Glycol and only Natural and Organic Flavorings.

It is important for us to bring you a trully PG FREE e-liquid.

All ingredients are kept under refrigeration separating PG, VG and nicotine to prevent cross contamination for customers looking for a nicotine or propylene glycol free option.


Our BasicPotion Line offers a VG/PG (50/50) mix for customers that experience no allergic reaction to propylene glycol.


All our ingredients are U.S.A sourced to ensure quality and purity control.


As part of the same commitment to bring you the best e-liquid available on the market, we also bottle all our juices in glass containers; never plastic which may leach chemicals.


We work hard to bring you the best flavor, consistency and texture that you would expect from a premium e-liquid.


All the best, Cosmin & Adina.