We are pleased to introduce our exclusive line of DynamicPotion e-Juices.


So what's the fuss all about? Let us explain...

When you place your first order with us, we create you a customer flavor profile. After your order is received, we provide you with a DynamicPotion Feedback Form. If you provide us feedback on your ordered e-juices, we then update your flavor profile in our system, with your specific preferences.

Your feedback is recorder in our flavor database, creating your unique recipe. The next time you order we will prepare the e-Juice just for you, when you select the DynamicPotion recipe. Our e-Juices will never be the same between customer who provide feedback and request adjustments. 

For example your Coconut Dream will not taste the same like your friends Coconut Dream.


We even put your name on the bottle so you will know it's made just for you.

Not all customers vape the same, and we believe your e-Juice should reflect your own personality.

When you place your order you will have two choices. You will have the choice to select the Normal Blend, or you will be able to select the DynamicPotion Recipe you created. It's up to you. 

How's that for forward thinking?

You can find the DynamicPotion Customization Form HERE



*Note: Only customers who have previously order a product, and provided preferences feedback, should select the DynamicPotion recipe. If it's your first order, and we do not have a flavor profile for you, you will receive the normal blend. Only on your second order, and only after you provided feedback you should select your DynamicPotion recipe.