We strive to keep our mixes as clean as possible and clear as possible. Our juices do not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, gum acadia, anthem gum or caffeine.


Organic Nicotine Extract

We are committed to provide the highest quality organic nicotine extract, that's why we purchase it from U.S.A

We also make sure our nicotine is USP grade Organic Nicotine.

By sourcing ALL our ingredients in U.S.A we make sure they are the highest quality, grade and purity available.



All our flavorings are Natural or/and Certified Organic. They are also Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, fat-free, no artificial colorants, no additives and no filers.

They are obtain using cold-processed extraction without the use of any colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives.

Pure wild-crafted flavors.

The overall flavor of our e-liquids will change considerably over the first 48 hours after being opened for the first time. Recommended storage for our opened or sealed e-liquids is in a dark cool place (not refrigerated). High heat and direct exposure to sunlight will affect the flavors and overall consistency. 

They are routinely tested and certified by an outside laboratory for chemical analysis. 

*Note: In the more complex e-Juices we use some flavorings that may contain traces of alcohol or they come in an alcohol ethyl base. This will be specified on the product page so you will know exactly what is your vaping.


Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin or short "VG", is a natural organic compound derived from vegetable fats. It is sweet, colorless, extremely viscous, usually used in food as a humectant or solvent.

In personal vaporizers uses, VG created a very thick vapor. VG produces more vapor than PG, and sometimes can mask over certain flavors. We add extra flavor to our 100% VG juices for this matter.

Our Vegetable Glycerin minimum 99.7% purity USP grade Kosher certified is suitable for use as a carrier base and dilutant.


Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol or short "PG", is also an organic compound used in a variety or commercial purposes. It is derived from petroleum resources and used as the base of many food flavorings. PG is colorless, odorless, and has a mild sweet taste. Is is used by the pharmaceutical industry in oral and topical applications. PG is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as "generally recognized as safe", or GRAS, product. In personal vaporizers uses, PG tends to be flavorless, allowing the flavor to really shine.

Our Propylene Glycol minimum 99.5% purity USP grade Kosher certified suitable for use as a carrier base and dilutant.


Potion Vape uses USP grade, Food-grade, and Kosher Certified VG and PG in all our juices.

USP stands for United Stated Phamacopeia, a non-governmental standard setting organization for prescription and over the counter products. 

A USP grade product is created in an approved facility, using standardized quality, safety, purity and consistency methods.