Wholesale Program

Potion Vape wholesale program is for existing website and retail store owners that are looking to purchase branded products for resale. Our product lines are gathering quite a lot of attention in both overseas and domestic markets.

Faster Delivery: All our orders are manufactured and shipped from right here in the USA. Chinese shipments take an average of 11 days in-transit, and will usually sit in customs for another 4-10 days. With faster delivery time from us, you can get the e-liquid you need faster.

No Risk of Seizure: With Potion Vape e-Juice, there’s no risk of FDA customs seizures, as our product is made and shipped from within the USA. FDA seizures not only keep you from supplying your customers in a timely manner, but usually become a total financial loss for the shipment.

Customer Service: Potion Vape takes pride in providing our customers with superior customer service. We know that by providing you a great product with great service, you’ll want to deal with us again in the future. We are available by phone and email at any time to better serve you. Speak with a live person about your order questions or concerns. There is no time difference, so you don't have to stay up until 1:00AM to get in touch with your overseas supplier. Call or email us any day at any time with your questions.

Get Started: Getting started with the Potion Vape Wholesale Program is easy. Once you have contacted us, a team member will respond within 48 hours with clearly defined information on how to get started. Placement of orders is quick and easy, and we're sure you will have no regrets about adding our brand to your product line.